Information about College Collections

How it works

How it works

You have already done the 1st and most important step to becoming a part of the College Collections creative community, visiting our site.

Now, become an active member and create your digital portfolio & online marketplace!

Simply click create profile, agree to terms and conditions of use, input proper information.

 Dive in!

Explore and share creative works of all mediums amongst a positive community of like-minded individuals, that values and respects one another’s work!

Selling Artwork!

  • Click Sell & Post Artwork 
  • Select the for sale option
  • Set price, add photo's, describe work
  • Specify shipping or pick- up 
  • Post!

We aim to provide the ultimate platform for creative minds and aspiring artists to collaborate positively, and feel valued for their artistic & creative  abilities outside the classroom! In return College Collections, LLC takes the smallest commission possible, of work sold on the site. This is to ensure artists are compensated and feel valued for their abilities and being apart of the College Collections Community.

Our small commission is to foster a community of infinite positivity and creativity, which values it members. College Collections desires to inspire a positive feedback loop of like minded creative people. We plan to do this by  providing the best platform for artist to collaborate and display their work, taking the smallest commission possible, and donating a portion of proceeds to charities and schools around the world!

College Collections LLC encourages artists do display work of all mediums, and backgrounds! NO school, no worries. Medium not listed, no worries! Select other and present yourself, or your work accordingly!