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Widodo Kabutdo is a talented young artist born in Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia in 1982. In 1996 he moved with his entire family to Cimahi, West Java. Then in 2009 with his wife and two children moved and settled in Ubud Bali. He has an artistic talent since childhood. If his creative ability gets self-taught. The experiment in the art process is a dynamic form of anxiety. He tends to explore the depths of his own imagination, then contribute to the form of respos against social and cultural issues which in turn make it an art form for his understanding. Widodo is an artist who never stops to express his artistic creativity by exploring different materials to create a new aesthetic. With it as an alternative space, public space, and gallery space for meetings with the community. Art installations, performing arts and drawings are always a package in his work. Widodo's plastic artwork is the result of an accident while experimenting with the use of plastic bags as a medium for painting. In 2005 he applied for the art sound effect of a plastic bag for an Art Camp Disaster of Art project. Plastic therapy experiments were followed by 500 local children on post-tsunami victims at Pangandaran beach, West Java. Widodo's starting point in the work can not be separated from the very touching, tragic, and depressing events. So ironically is the landslide that occurred in the village itself in Cimahi, Bandung, where he grew up. Lantaknya crops and agricultural land area for housing in the surrounding area requires a lot of casualties. Seeing the incident seems to be a reflection that makes it very deep into the artistic process. Collecting, washing, choosing, cutting, tearing, sticking, slapping, recycling, unworthy goods into artwork that has high aesthetic value and being able to compete through the space and space art institute is a very challenging and requires tremendous hard work and mentality . It is precisely the challenge that makes him more reckless and anxious to spill his expression deeper. In the last 3 years, Widodo has completed many plastic waste works. An interesting reason for him is when he brings plastic waste as an art object that has a correlation with "
[5/4 19:18] Widodo Kabutdo: Widodo kabutdo
Born :Central Java, Tegal, July 24 -7-1982
Addres :WK_studio (Temporary studio)
:Prum.Klipang Blok:i no: 452
Kel.Sendangmulyo Semarang

Contact :081-311155580
Email :kabutdo@gmail.com.com
Link :www.widodokabutdo.blogspot.com

Selected group-Solo Action

2019: Pameran Drawing, #SenimanNgahiji Gedung Gallery YPK Bandung

2016: Mural Bukit Brown Cannyon Semarang.Binale

2017:Bandung,Rumah Proses art Space

2018 :Pameran Hanya Text , North Artspace Jakarta.

2013 :~OUT OF FREM~ RODAart Project Maha art Gallery Denpasar
:~TREASURE~ SWOON Gallery , Bali
:~INSIEME~ at Trah Gallery , Bali ACT Project,in Bali
:~OUTBACK~ JPS alternative artspace, Denpasar Bali.
:~BALI ON THE MOVE ~art Project Bali Art Society at


2012 :~HUMANIORA Collaboration, Visual art Theater Exhibition
at Terasseni Art Space , Ubud- Bali.
:~RetreArt Gaya Fusion Art Space, Sayan Ubud-Bali.

2011 :~Ba-Be(Barang Bekas)Responding to Environment issue, at
Terasseni Artspace Ubud-Bali.

2006 :~Bandung Masa Kini competition selected 50 best work of
artin the West Java(#1),IM(IndonesiaMenggugat)Gallery

Kita,West Java.
:~Titik 0-500 Squer Center Tegal, Central Java.
:~Manusia Dan Tembaga Body Painting+Installation,Bandung
West Java.
:~Mata Semesta exhibition with children, Hall Dimensi.
Cimaahi,West Java.
:~Ciblek Simpang Lima” Public ArtInstallation,atSemarang,
central Java.

2005 :~Letera Amorrosa French Poets Springcollaboration,atCCF
(Frence Cultural Center) Bandung West Java.
:~KOTA INI MILIK SIAPA? at Gallery Tea House , Bandung

West Java.
:~KRESEK HITAM Disaster of art Project artcamp,Workshop,
Pangandaran beach West Java.

2004 :~MERAJAH BUMI Public Art Project, at Ultimus Bandung
West Java.
:~POLUSI TAI KOTA Instalation+Performance art, Monumen
Pancasila, Bandung West Java.
:~JEJAK DIALOG Installation Aquarium Tunnel UNISBA

Bandung,West Java.

2002 :~Barong with the alm. Barli at Kota Baru Parahyangan,
Cimahi West Java.
West Java.
1999 :~Exhibition of Posters Healthy Environment Tegal,
Central Java.
1994 :~PERJUANGAN Bahariin Hotel, Tegal Central Java.
1993 :~ALAM SEKITAR KITA Coca-cola Project, UPS
Central Java.

2007 :~GALI RASA Public art local Shoping, Chiken Porridge

stall space BIP and Cafeteria Monumen Pancasila

Bandung, West Java.
20011 :~REFUSE-Series”Garbage Evolution Public Space ang
HOSPITALS Studio artists, Ubud- Bali.
2012 :~See Mountain E.A.E (Expansionist Art Empire) Gallery
International Contemporary, Nieuwe Rijn 94,2312 JM

Leiden Holand.
2013 :~OUTBACK at JP’S Alternative artspace, Seminyak

2002 :~STOP WAR Ambasador the Asian African Conference
Building,Bndung West Java.
2005 :~PEJABAT NGEPET Allianceof the Indonesian Workers,

Istana merdeka Jakarta.
:~THE POWER OF IMAGINABLE Poutluck Café, Bandung West
:~DESASTER OF ART Cihamplas Bandung West Java.
2006 :~DANCE OF FIRE Art Space Visual, UPI University
Bandung,West Java.
:~FIGURA KOSONG Aquarium Tunnel, UNISBA University
Bandung West Java.
2007 :~THE POWER OF NATURE UPI and UNISBA University Bandung
West Java.
2008 :~TELAGA HUJAN BINTANG Ranca Upas West Java.
2010 :~SABDA BUMI Studio Artists Jeihan and Upi University
Bandung West Java.
2011 :~WEDUS GEMBEL Public Space Bandung West Java.
:~WADUK ART seriesGarbage Evolution Terasseni Gallery,
Ubud – Bali
:~KEHADIRAN Ritual Sampah Series Garbage Evolution

Public Space Ubud Bali.
2012 :~SKELETON at Gaya Art Space, Ubud- Bali.

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