Waves of Nature

Waves of Nature was named and greatly inspired by a song by singer Willow Smith. I wanted to incorporate a broad spectrum of medias including acrylic paint, copic markers, watercolor, coffee, and pieces of paper bag to add texture and help depict the story of Willow’s unique musical style that combines different genres in order to grow a sound that is totally, and completely, her own. Her equally unique look inspired me to take her name literally and turn her long hair into willow tree branches and have her eyes be a slightly enhanced version of their golden color.

Willow’s song, Waves of Nature, played on loop for hours while I began this project. Many lyrics at the time stood out to me. “You're numb, spend so much time tryna figure out life

Tryin' to classify wrong and right

Better hold on, hold on, tight,” and later, “Get in your right side of mind.” These lyrics held great meaning to my thought process at the time and truly connected me to the canvas in which I used as an exploration of my inner thoughts and curiosities. Last spring after recovering from a severe concussion I had to relearn how to read, but I also had to rediscover my mind and my altered thinking processes. In a way, I was blessed to be able to take a look in the mirror and be pushed to identify myself as a person and an artist.

Type: Physical
Graphic Design
Size (if selling original): 20x18

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