Information about College Collections



We are a peer to peer social media marketplace for creative students, professors, and alumni alike.

Collaborate and be valued outside the classroom or workspace!

College Collections enables members to create with a purpose.
Build your personalized digital portfolio, gain international exposure, and profit in the process. 

We set out to create a community of people with similar artistic values to collaborate and create things they never thought possible. College Collections provides members who interested in art as a career or hobby a platform to sell and explore the creations of aspiring artists.

 Ultimately, we want to create a pressure-free environment for a community that believes in the value of each other's capabilities and content.

Problem and Solution

There is a lack of resources for young art enthusiasts, especially at the college/university level. 

College Collections is directed to expose the value of artists potential in an academic space. Our platform provides a common place for creatives around the world to interact and collaborate! Artists can create an individual profile that displays their art and personality to the world. Where it can now be purchased and delivered to its new home. College Collections is meant to foster a positive community for artists to interact and bring out the best in one another!


Our goal is to provide an outlet for creative students, professors, or Alumni interested in pursuing art as a career or hobby. College Collections provides a commonplace for creative minds and aspiring artists to collaborate positively, and feel valued for their artistic abilities outside the classroom! 

 College Collections wants to assist students, professors, and alumni towards expanding their artistic ability. College Collections is meant to alleviate the burden of building and marketing your personal shop.  Our site is meant to allow members to stay focused on academics or work, and while simultaneously gaining exposure and value for their artistic abilities! 

Artists that create a profile and sell their art, will receive 90% Commission. While 5%  of annual profits will be going to a group of non-profit charity organizations and even your school or alma mater!


College Collections looks to instill the same values in its members that it was founded on. Our values included: creativity, happiness, teamwork, self-motivation, and selflessness. 

We aspire to create a platform where a community of artists can reach their full potential and collaborate with others with the same interests in mind!


International Child Art Foundation
ICAF are creatives who aspire to bring about a creativity revolution serving as an umbrella organization for a host of partners across the United States and around the world, providing arts programming in schools that inspire creativity and empathy. The Executive Board develops programs and strategies in addition to their fiduciary responsibilities. Their creative business leaders, the ICAF Corporate Board Members advise on strategy and sponsorship, design and branding. The creative educators and researchers that make up the ICAF Advisory Board ensure that we stay abreast and keep learning every day.

CoralReef Alliance
CORAL takes a multi-pronged approach to restoring and protecting coral reefs in partnership with the communities living nearest the reefs. They aim to reduce local threats to reefs such as overfishing, poor water quality, and unsustainable development. Help communities benefit socially, culturally, and economically from conservation. Improve reef management so those responsible for taking care of the protected areas have the tools and financial support they need to be successful. Ensure what they learn within their project sites has a global impact.

Your School or Alma Mater
College Collections plans to donate a percentage of annual revenue to the artist's respective schools art programs. We will track sales and school affiliation, and ensure the money ends up in the right place, towards art!