Haleigh Svede

Who are you? Where are you based? Hometown? School? Favorite Medium?: I like to think I live a life full of love, sunshine, and all the quirky things in life. I live in Brooklyn and soak up every inch of uniqueness New York City has to offer.
How'd you get started in art and what are your main inspirations?: As a kid my mom would have us paint seashells at our beach house, make homemade thank you cards, mod podge pictures together on canvases. She opened our eyes to getting creative and having fun. She really influences me to get crafty and have fun with what you got.
Why did you join College Collections?: I joined College Collections because I have pictures that make me smile just sitting around, maybe some one else will get a smile out of them too.
What is your greatest achievement so far and your plan/goals/dreams for the future?: My greatest achievement would be becoming a soccer coach. I hope I can continue to learn, get better and help female athletes grow on the field and also off the field.

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